Coffee Shop Rip Off Man Strikes Out

“Can you top off my drink with some coffee,” he asks, holding up a large cup with about three inches of room at the top. “Sure,” the barista says. “But you know we charge for coffee, right?” Did I mention the guy hadn’t actually bought a drink at the coffee shop? Imma want free stuff! … Read more

Enviro-Man Mansplains the Environment

“Don’t eat the bison brats because they’re farmed,” he told her. “They keep breeding the same animals and made a genetic bottleneck. I know it’s obscure and probably isn’t a big-scale thing, but its one of those things I’m standing against.” She looked at him as if he said, “Don’t eat the rubber shoes because … Read more

Apparently Size Matters

“How was your lunch?” the hostess asked. He gave her a scrunchy disappointed face, did the hand waggle so-so motion, and said, “I guess it was OK, but we were a little disappointed. I expected the sandwich to be longer.” So apparently size does matter. I kinda wished it was bigger “You ordered the 16-inch … Read more

Angry Laptop Boy

He sits down, pops open his laptop, and throws on his headphones. He starts typing in frantic bursts that look like his thumbs are about to fly off his hands. And then he stops and looks up with a glare so intensely cold it’s as if nitrogen snow forms in the air between him and … Read more

Loud Mom’s Dry Spell

The privacy coffee shops offer is unparalleled, or so I assume based on how many people carry on their private phone conversations so very loudly. Take Loud Mom, for example, who proclaimed to the world her phone that her sister is a bitch, her friend is a liar, and her boyfriend won’t put out. All … Read more

Show Me the Money

Business meetings happen a lot in coffee shops, and that means there’s plenty of opportunity for important work lessons to enrich your day. You know, like learning the value of the Web designer you’ve hired. That’s just what happened to Web Design Client Guy. You work for free, right? Client Guy rattles off a long … Read more