The Latte Bedroom

You know what I think when I’m really tired and need a nap? Let’s go to the coffee shop! I mean, really, what could be more relaxing than taking a nap in a crazy-loud coffee shop? With a computer on your lap. Let’s snuggle. Or snore. Whatevs. Nap Man zonked out and serenaded everyone else … Read more

Mr. Horizontal Mambo

“Well, we had sex, but I didn’t reveal myself to her physical lover,” he says. No, really. That’s what he said. I swear to God, people, it’s like this guy is begging me to write about him. Let’s get physical   Seems Mr. Horizontal Mambo knows what he wants, and doesn’t have any problem talking … Read more


The word of technology is filled with magic and mystery. It’s a place of wonder and excitement with so many special places to discover, and — Oh! What’s that? Yeah, it seems all you need to keep some people entertained is a laptop, a coffee, and a mediocre Internet connection. OMG! How do they get … Read more

Public Pr0nster

You know where the best place EVAR to look at porn is? In public. In Starbucks. With lots of other people around. Or at least that’s the best place, according to the Public Pr0nster. You can find anything on the Internet! To be fair, the Pr0nster kept his netbook high and tight, so I’m sure … Read more