Coffee Shop Rip Off Man Strikes Out

“Can you top off my drink with some coffee,” he asks, holding up a large cup with about three inches of room at the top. “Sure,” the barista says. “But you know we charge for coffee, right?” Did I mention the guy hadn’t actually bought a drink at the coffee shop? Imma want free stuff! … Read more

Attack of the Mansplainers

“No, you see, it’s all about understanding the nuances in language. That’s when the meaning of the words change based on how they’re used,” Mr. Mansplainer tells the woman at his table. And at another table I hear a man say, “The way the sun works, it lets off energy, and that heats us and … Read more

Tale of the Table Hoarder

Once upon a time, there was this amazingly considerate guy who went out of his way to make sure he didn’t take a whole table for himself when the coffee shop was so busy no one had a place to sit. Just kidding. He totally took a four-seat table all for himself, and didn’t even … Read more

Turbo Drink Overload: Go!

Need a caffeine boost to get you through the day? A little pick me up to push through the afternoon? Just head on over to the coffee shop, and don’t forget to bring your Red Bull. Wait, what? Three Red Bulls? Check. Full body shakes? Check. Red Bull Guy moseyed up to the coffee shop … Read more

Light Speed Lover

“No, I didn’t bring any books. I have an iPhone.” That’s how the Light Speed Lover started his college biology tutor session. “I think you should consider joining me on a date event,” he said. His tutor was so very nonplussed. Ima wanna date, mmmkay? “Look,” his tutor said. “You really need to have your … Read more

The Drink Master

You know what totally rocks? When people who clearly have no clue tell baristas how to do their job. And by “rocks,” I mean, “Hey, you! Out of the gene pool!” I don’t know what the drink is, but you’re doing it wrong. Drink Master Lady starts with the usual litany of “What’s a carmel macchiato,” … Read more