Selfie Girl’s Public Primping

When I was in highschool we didn’t have smartphones, and after seeing a couple teenage girls in the coffee shop today I’m so, so glad. Selfie Girl worked her hair and her boobs to get just the right shot, and I’m betting the boy she sent it to doesn’t share my sentiment about youth with smartphones at all.

Selfie girlPublic display of selfie action

Selfie Girl flipped her hair over one shoulder, then the other. “Oh my god! Which way looks better?” she asked her friend. It didn’t matter what her friend thought because SG had already moved on to pushing up her boobs and tugging on her shirt to get the angles just right.

“Should I pull my collar down more?” she asks. Her friend answers with, “Yes.” SG pops back with “Yeah,” and tugs down the top of her t-shirt a little more. Now comes the teenage version of a coy look with a touch of duck face, and then she snaps her photo.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” she says. “I just texted him!”

And with that, she dials her phone. “Hi! It’s me. I just texted you. Did—hey, are you with a girl?”

So that went well.

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