Parking Mom’s Big Worries

“My baby is so cute,” she said. “He has the most beautiful eyes.” Everyone in line was fawning over her little boy, and he really was just precious. “So they tried to steal him, and then buy me to be a sex slave, and that’s why we shouldn’t have to pay parking tickets.” Wait, what?

Paranoid momParking tickets are the worst!

I don’t even know where you go from there, and clearly the people in line around her didn’t, either. “You have to know this is serious stuff,” Parking Mom said. Everyone in line was giving her perplexed looks, which seems reasonable considering she was basically a walking non sequitur.

Kidnapping and sex trafficking are horrible things, and no one should ever have to endure either. At least for now it looked like her biggest issue was waiting in line for her coffee. Still, if these are her big concerns, I can only assume the parking enforcement people where she lives mean serious business.

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