Important Talker’s Sticky Lip Mic

Important Talker and his EarPods mic stuck to his lip

“Important, important, important. Words, words, words. Loud, loud, loud.”  Everyone in the coffee shop could hear what Important Talker was saying and it sure sounded like he wanted all of us to know just how important his conversation was. But I couldn’t focus on what he was saying because I was fixated on the EarPods … Read more

The Paperless Office Fail

Remember the promise of the paperless office? That never happened, and for some people the paper thing is so important that they’ll bring a printer with them to the coffee shop. So I guess what the future really gave us was the office-less office. Imma coffee shop printin’ fool Mobile Printer Guy had his laptop, … Read more

Mega Smartwatch Man & His Sexy Mega Smartwatch

Living by the Prime Directive means I can’t interfere with the indigenous life forms in their native habitat. That also means I sometimes have to quietly chase the natives to catalog their activities, or to get a pic of the giant-ass smartphone they’re wearing on their wrist… on purpose. ‘scuze me while I whip this out … Read more

Can You Hear Me Now?

Technology is a beautiful thing. It can bring us together now matter how great the distance that keeps us apart, lets us share those special moments we’d other wise miss, and say those special things that come from the heart. Well, assuming they can actually hear us. Ima talking louder! “You look nice,” he said. Then … Read more

The Mobile iMac. Or not.

I’m all for taking your computer to the coffee shop. In fact, I do it all the time. But your iMac? Holy Grabthar’s Hammer, dude. You brought your iMac to the coffee shop? Pick it up with two hands. It’s portable, right? There’s an unspoken code in the coffee shop: Bring your computer, but only if … Read more

Kicking it Old School with AOL Man

Boodle-ding! You’ve got mail! Yes, you do, AOL Man, and I bet those messages coming straight from 1996 are awesome. Like, totally awesome. Ima check my order, OK? AOL Man was rocking his email with his laptop speakers loud enough that we could all hear the old school “You’ve got mail!” proclamation. At first … Read more

Proud Parenting 101

I’m not a parent, but that doesn’t stop me from watching how other Grups handle the delicate process of raising their young. My local coffee shop is a great place to learn, and based on what I’m seeing, the best way to make sure your child grows up to be a productive member of society … Read more


The word of technology is filled with magic and mystery. It’s a place of wonder and excitement with so many special places to discover, and — Oh! What’s that? Yeah, it seems all you need to keep some people entertained is a laptop, a coffee, and a mediocre Internet connection. OMG! How do they get … Read more


I’m all about finding new ways to use my tech gear more efficiently, and sometimes that means adding a little something-something to my Web browser tool bar. If Explorer-palloza Girl’s screen is any indication, she took that idea, kicked down the door and drove a tank right on through. Tool bar much? Let me paint … Read more