Jammie Man

You know how when you get up in the morning you change out of your jammies before going out to face the world? No? Maybe it’s just me. I SO don’t want to see your Gargamel Jammie Man didn’t get the memo either, so he graced the coffee shop in his pajama pants. His Smurf … Read more

Butch Tablet Man

Real men don’t mess around with girly tablets like the iPad. Apparently they don’t wear sleeves, either. Yeah, I’m bad, and I know it   Butch Tablet Man comes to the coffee shop in a sleeveless shirt in the winter, just like a real man. He wears fingerless driving gloves, too, because man that Ford … Read more

Livin’ the Memory, Mom

“Yo, yo, Ima gonna sit here soz youz can gets me some food,” he says. “OK, honey,” his mom says. Wait, what? His mom? Ima let you finish… buyin’ me food, mom! I’m all about people expressing themselves, and if your wardrobe helps you do that, good for you. But when your wardrobe becomes a … Read more

Ass Boy. Double Latte, Please.

You know how there’s a dress code in restaurants? No shirt, no shoes, no service? For guys, it turns out they kind of expect us to wear pants, too, despite the liberating feeling that comes along with leaving the leg gear at home. Behold, Ass Boy Ass Boy, however, apparently didn’t get just how the … Read more