Turbo Drink Overload: Go!

Need a caffeine boost to get you through the day? A little pick me up to push through the afternoon? Just head on over to the coffee shop, and don’t forget to bring your Red Bull. Wait, what? Three Red Bulls? Check. Full body shakes? Check. Red Bull Guy moseyed up to the coffee shop … Read more

Full Contact Parking

I’ll set the stage for you: SUV Woman needs her coffee. Bad. Like, really bad. SUV Woman parks in the business loading zone in front of the coffee shop and throws her car door open. Passing car hits her door, slamming it against the front fender, and keeps driving. As one does. I’ll just park … Read more

The Drink Master

You know what totally rocks? When people who clearly have no clue tell baristas how to do their job. And by “rocks,” I mean, “Hey, you! Out of the gene pool!” I don’t know what the drink is, but you’re doing it wrong. Drink Master Lady starts with the usual litany of “What’s a carmel macchiato,” … Read more

The Black Karma Team

And lo, a darkness rolled over the land snuffing out all in its path, raining despair and grief in its hateful swath of destruction. No, wait. It just these two guys sitting in the coffee shop who Won’t. Stop. Bitching. It’s bitch-a-palooza day! I don’t know who pissed them off, but they did a great … Read more

Techno Man Goes Social

The sandwich place has a new payment option where you can use an app on your smartphone to pay, so of course I had to check it out. And some guy in line just had to ridicule me for using my iPhone instead of cash. Because I’m a magnet like that. For Techno Man, it’s … Read more

Plastic Cash Woman

So I order my drink just as I always do, and I break out my iPhone because I pay with my trusty Starbucks app. It’s like fake money. And there she is. Behind me. The woman that abhors my technology and is more than happy to let me know. iPhone = bad, plastic = good … Read more