Techno Man Goes Social

The sandwich place has a new payment option where you can use an app on your smartphone to pay, so of course I had to check it out. And some guy in line just had to ridicule me for using my iPhone instead of cash. Because I’m a magnet like that.

Techno manFor Techno Man, it’s all about moderation

The cashier was all excited when I said I wanted to use the iPhone app to pay and when I held my screen up to the scanner, it worked like magic. I paid for food, she smiled, and I knew that soon I’d have a tasty sandwich in my belly.

“Too much technology!” Techno Man yells at me, then looks around with an uncomfortable smile to make sure he’s getting the nods of approval he’s sure are coming. Everyone looks at their feet, starts mumbling under their breath, and we all share an awkward moment.

I walk over to a table while Techno Man sits down on the take out bench to wait for his order. And then he pulls his smartphone out of a belt holster to look at his Tweetbookmails.

Because, you know, too much technology.

2 thoughts on “Techno Man Goes Social”

  1. Technology is NEVER too much if it allows you get on with the rest of your day faster! In fact, thanks to Jeff and other people using the iPhone app to pay, Techno Man was able to get thru the line a little faster so he could go sit down and rant on a social site about how people use too much tech in their daily lives. On his smart phone no less…

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