Loud Mom’s Dry Spell

The privacy coffee shops offer is unparalleled, or so I assume based on how many people carry on their private phone conversations so very loudly. Take Loud Mom, for example, who proclaimed to the world her phone that her sister is a bitch, her friend is a liar, and her boyfriend won’t put out. All … Read more

Country Disco Girl

In my world, when people listen to music in public they use headphones so no one else has to hear whatever it is that helps them get their groove on. My world is clearly a fantasy place where I don’t have to hear what sounds like country disco, and I won’t get in trouble for … Read more

Pour Me Another, Pal

Guy props is skateboard against the table and says, “Oh God, I drank so much. And you were so messed up, too!” How can I not listen in on a conversation that starts like that? Ima impress you wit my drinkin’, mmmkay? Skateboard Guy smacks the table hard to emphasize just how much he drank, … Read more

The Black Karma Team

And lo, a darkness rolled over the land snuffing out all in its path, raining despair and grief in its hateful swath of destruction. No, wait. It just these two guys sitting in the coffee shop who Won’t. Stop. Bitching. It’s bitch-a-palooza day! I don’t know who pissed them off, but they did a great … Read more

Can You Hear Me Now?

Technology is a beautiful thing. It can bring us together now matter how great the distance that keeps us apart, lets us share those special moments we’d other wise miss, and say those special things that come from the heart. Well, assuming they can actually hear us. Ima talking louder! “You look nice,” he said. Then … Read more

Indoor Plumbing 101

“You see, there’s the two places. Well, rooms, actually. It’s set up so there’s one for men and one for women,” he says. “You use the one for women.” So apparently this man thinks his wife has never used a public restroom. Ever. Ima tell you how toilets work “So anyhow, they have a toilet … Read more