Can’t Touch This, or Motor Skills Gone Wrong

“…and then he pulled the cord and the motor ripped his fingers right off. Ha ha.” So yeah, How could I not listen in on that?

Morbid manSometimes dexterity is really important

“The doctors sewed his fingers back on, but it didn’t take. They had to cut ’em back off, except for his thumb, so he can still hold a cigarette. Ha ha,” Morbid Man said.

“I guess the lesson there is don’t loose your thumb!” And he chuckles again. His friends are laughing, too. Because, you know, fingers!

It’s all about priorities. And a good rip-your-fingers-off joke.

I just want to know what kind of engine yanks off your fingers when you start it up. I’m thinking that’s a serious commitment right there.

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  1. Yet the AMPUTATOR 3000 remains one of the most popular lawnmowers on the market.
    Consumer Reports would have given it “two thumbs up,” but, well, here’s a funny story…

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