Light Speed Lover

“No, I didn’t bring any books. I have an iPhone.” That’s how the Light Speed Lover started his college biology tutor session. “I think you should consider joining me on a date event,” he said. His tutor was so very nonplussed.

Light speed loverIma wanna date, mmmkay?

“Look,” his tutor said. “You really need to have your books so we can work on your lessons.”

“Yeah,” Light Speed Lover said. “I don’t believe in books. I have an iPhone. I can read them there. But not for very long. Ha ha ha.”

“OK,” the tutor said. “Let’s take a look at the neurological —”

“Did you know that tachyons are theoretical particles that travel faster than the speed of light? They don’t really exist,” he said.


“So have you considered my proposal?” he asks.

The tutor looks at him with her mouth agape. Maybe Light Speed Lover should work on a little more biology first.

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