Show Me the Money

Business meetings happen a lot in coffee shops, and that means there’s plenty of opportunity for important work lessons to enrich your day. You know, like learning the value of the Web designer you’ve hired. That’s just what happened to Web Design Client Guy. You work for free, right? Client Guy rattles off a long … Read more

Website Super Seller

“I’ve got some great ideas for your website,” he said. “What you need is something like this site that UberSite Design made.” It’s always great to have examples to show your prospective clients. Don’t worry. This is about to go horribly wrong. Dude. Lemme sell you Web sites way better than mine. Prospective Client Guy … Read more

Mastering Math, One Kid at a Time

“Am I supposed to factor for X,” the kid asks. His math tutor replies, “Um… I don’t know.” I really hope this kid’s parents are getting a discount rate. Math is hard, kid. Based on the kid’s age, I’m guessing this isn’t differential calculus happening here. I’m also guessing Math Tutor Guy should know whether … Read more

Full Contact Parking

I’ll set the stage for you: SUV Woman needs her coffee. Bad. Like, really bad. SUV Woman parks in the business loading zone in front of the coffee shop and throws her car door open. Passing car hits her door, slamming it against the front fender, and keeps driving. As one does. I’ll just park … Read more

I’ll Take One Job, to Go

A guy walks into a Starbucks for a job interview. No, this isn’t a setup for a joke. Ok, maybe it kind of is. Interview time! What could possibly go wrong? Job hunting guy is wearing his best khaki slacks and a well pressed shirt. Hiring guy seems really interested in what he has to say. … Read more