Country Disco Girl

In my world, when people listen to music in public they use headphones so no one else has to hear whatever it is that helps them get their groove on. My world is clearly a fantasy place where I don’t have to hear what sounds like country disco, and I won’t get in trouble for not wearing pants.

Country disco girlStep 1: Don’t plug in headphones. Step 2: Play music.

Country Disco Girl didn’t have any problem letting everyone in the coffee shop hear what she was playing on her iPhone. In fact, she was so proud of her music that she put down her iPhone, got up, and walked away for a couple minutes. While her music was still playing.


When Country Disco Girl sat back down, she let her music play for a few more minutes before plugging in her headphones. The salt in the wound? She’d been wearing headphones the whole time.


2 thoughts on “Country Disco Girl”

  1. You should have gone up to her, grabbed her by the wrist, and started to two-step. Then, if she balked, you could say, “Oh, you had your music so loud, I thought it was a party.”

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