Shameless Self Promotion: FBT at Ignite Denver

You know how we’ve shared all these experiences at coffee shops together, but it feels like we’re in a long distance relationship because all you get to do is read? I mean, we aren’t even in the same room. We should get together and do this face to face. How about February 20 at Ignite Denver 16?

Jeff igniteThis time, I’ma gonna talk

Here’s the deal: You show up, and I’ll talk about some of the stuff I’ve seen that’s totally fit for Fresh Brewed Tales, complete with a fancy giant screen Keynote presentation. As a bonus, you’ll get to hear several other amazingly awesome people talk about stuff like the art of heckling, digging yourself out of a shithole, why you aren’t really broke, the art of storytelling, and more.

Ignite is a great event that happens in cities around the world, and it’s an absolute blast. Each speaker gets exactly five minutes to talk, and exactly 20 slides that auto-advance. Once your presentation starts, it goes all the way to the end, regardless of what you say or do.

The doors open at 6PM and the show starts at 7PM. It’s at the Oriental Theater, and yes, there will be booze and plenty of grown up words. Be sure to get your tickets early. They’re only $5 each. No kidding.

I’m guessing that some of you think Denver is “too far,” or you’d rather hang out in coffee shops and watch people than come to Ignite. That’s just lame. Come. But if you really can’t, you can watch online and my presentation will be available on YouTube after the event, too.

If you have a favorite tale you’d like to hear me talk about at Ignite let me know. I’ll fit in what I can. If you’d like to see me speak at other events, too, maybe we can work something out.

See? I really can commit to our relationship.

Let’s hug.

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