Mastering Math, One Kid at a Time

“Am I supposed to factor for X,” the kid asks. His math tutor replies, “Um… I don’t know.” I really hope this kid’s parents are getting a discount rate.

Math tutorMath is hard, kid.

Based on the kid’s age, I’m guessing this isn’t differential calculus happening here. I’m also guessing Math Tutor Guy should know whether or not the kid needs to factor for X.

Considering Math Tutor Guy is supposed to know more than his clients, maybe he could at least go through the motions and say something like, “You need to find the differential for the tangent before solving for the integral. Then you can factor for X.”

Either way, I see a promising future in the food services industry for Math Tutor Guy. Those burgers won’t flip themselves, you know.

2 thoughts on “Mastering Math, One Kid at a Time”

  1. The last time I witnessed a math difficulty like that in a coffee shop was when my total was $4.77, and I gave the cashier a $5 bill and two pennies.

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