Website Super Seller

“I’ve got some great ideas for your website,” he said. “What you need is something like this site that UberSite Design made.” It’s always great to have examples to show your prospective clients. Don’t worry. This is about to go horribly wrong.

Website super seller2Dude. Lemme sell you Web sites way better than mine.

Prospective Client Guy says, “I think I’d like to —”

Site Design Guy cuts him off and says, “No, what you need is this thing that UberSite Design does.”

“Oh, OK,” PCG says. “What I want is this menu and search thing that slides.”

“No problem,” SDG says. “Here’s how they do it at UberSite Design. We can make it look something like they do.”

PCG opens his mouth to speak, but SDG cuts him off. “Here’s another example of what UberSite Design does. We can do something like that for you, too.”

“Yeah,” PCG says. “Maybe I should just call UberSite Design. Do you have their number?”

Maybe UberSite Design should send Site Design Guy a fruit basket.

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