Indoor Plumbing 101

“You see, there’s the two places. Well, rooms, actually. It’s set up so there’s one for men and one for women,” he says. “You use the one for women.” So apparently this man thinks his wife has never used a public restroom. Ever.

Indoor plumbingIma tell you how toilets work

“So anyhow, they have a toilet and sink so you can wash your hands. You should do that, you know,” Indoor Plumbing Man says.

She looks at him as if he has a penis growing out of his forehead and says, “Do you really think I haven’t ever used a bathroom before?”

“Well, I –“

“Stop,” she says.

I’m with her, Indoor Plumbing Man. Just stop.

Well, unless you know something about the magic that makes water come out of the faucet.

6 thoughts on “Indoor Plumbing 101”

  1. I wished it wasn’t censored, I mean 1st it’s a drawing not a photo.

    And 2nd, people, even kids, know penises don’t grow on foreheads 😉

    I know in the US it’s not done, but in Europe we don’t censor this sort of things.

    Ps. Would love to see the uncensored drawing.

  2. I did the censor bar thing because I thought it was incredibly funny to do that on a drawing. If I can figure out how to add a graphic to comments I’ll post the uncensored version.

  3. I wasn’t sure, and sometimes I’m too quick at judging.
    Feeling little stupid now, but I’m used to it 😉

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