Relationship Oversharing Lady

This woman has a really bad relationship with her boyfriend, and she finally found out all these things she hadn’t been able to get him to say before by chatting with him over Facebook. How do I know, you ask? Because she said so outside the coffee shop on her speaker phone.

Relationship oversharing ladyFacebook & cell phones: Great options for publicly sharing your relationship problems

“It was so frustrating,” she told her friend along with everyone else outside the coffee shop — which, by the way, included people at the grocery store, everyone coming and going at the restaurants near by, and anyone who happened to be walking through the parking lot. “It’s like he just won’t talk to me, but all this stuff came out on Facebook.”

Speaker Phone Lady went on to explain how messed up the whole situation is and to lament her boyfriend’s poor communication skills. Open communication in relationships is a good thing, but maybe setting some boundaries is a good idea, too.

Her boyfriend may have communication issues, but I’m betting sharing the details of his relationships with everyone in earshot isn’t one of them.

I wonder if Speaker Phone Lady knows Loud Mom. I’m thinking they could go on for hours about relationships, Facebook, and sex. Hours.

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