Going Public with Private Calls

Pretty much the best place around for making Skype calls on your computer is the coffee shop because it’s so private and quiet. Or so I assume based on how many people do just that. And if you are going to Skype chat in the coffee shop, why not have a really loud argument, just like Private Skype Lady?

Private skype ladyPrivate chats: She’s doing it wrong

There were plenty of empty tables, but Private Skype Lady picked the one right in the center of the coffee shop. Surely no one would notice her there. And then the argument started. The loud, loud argument. Well, at least her side of it was loud.

Everyone got to be a part of it, but in more of a Han Solo talking with Chewbacca kind of way because she wasn’t speaking english. You didn’t know what she was saying, but it couldn’t be good. I like to think she was yelling, “You should’ve let the wookie win! Now he’s going to rip your arms out of the sockets! That’s just great.”

Yeah, Dejarik is a really fun game.

Or maybe she was trying to talk with Mr. Microphone Man. Either way, I’m thinking she should start up a communication training series with Loud Mom.

Shout out to my brave little minion B for snapping this awesome photo.

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