Pager Man: Kicking It Old School

In he walks in an unassuming way, having worked his way across the parking lot to the coffee shop. Then, in response to an out of place bu-deep bu-deep, he pulls a pager out of his pocket and I realize he didn’t just walk across the parking lot. He walked through time.

Pager man drawingPager Man: He comes from the past

He stops, holding his pager out for all to see, then quietly slips it back into his pocket so he can order his coffee and a delicious pastry. And with that, he ducks back out the door and through time… never to be seen again.

Pager manPager Man quietly slips away with his magic pager technology

Pager Man seemed a little surprised at whatever the message was. While it was probably something important like “867-5309,” I’m kind of hoping it was “58008.”

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  1. I hope he’s thinking fourth-dimensionally. I think the parking lot of that Starbuck’s was a mushroom farm in 1985.

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