The Drink Master

You know what totally rocks? When people who clearly have no clue tell baristas how to do their job. And by “rocks,” I mean, “Hey, you! Out of the gene pool!”

Drink masterI don’t know what the drink is, but you’re doing it wrong.

Drink Master Lady starts with the usual litany of “What’s a carmel macchiato,” and “What’s a carmel Frappuccino?” Then moves on to the heavy hitters like “How much does that cost?”

And then it happens: “That’s not how you make my drink.” Because, you know, if you don’t know what a drink is, or how much it costs, you’re clearly coffee shop management material.

Oh, Drink Master Lady, maybe you can help me plot interplanetary trajectories, too, because you totally have it going on.

No, really. I feel so much safer knowing Drink Master Lady is on the job.

Shout out to my brave little minion B for snapping this awesome photo.

8 thoughts on “The Drink Master”

  1. I showed Junior’s photo to my baristas and now they want to know when you’re coming out. Turns out they have cars, too.

  2. you know I’m retiring in July…and road trips are totally in our future! How about I talk at the MUG you’re always talking about AND then I wax your favorite barista’s car? How fun would that be?

  3. Drink Master Lady is a perfect example of why I couldn’t work at Starbucks. I’d be asking her when she graduated from Barista class…

  4. Actually I did ask that once. When I worked in coffee I had a woman do this to me and so, in a casual conversational tone, I asked her how long she worked at a coffeeshop. She was appalled I’d even ask. But it DID get her to be quiet. She had been lecturing me on making her drink when I was working (simultaneously) on the two drinks before hers. At 7am Sunday morning, two hours into my shift. Yup.

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