The World According to Tragically Hip Boy

“Everything is just soooo commercial,” Tragically Hip Boy says in his best Beiber-esque squeak. Then he takes a sip from his uber-vente caramel frappuccino, extra whip.

Ima want some frap!

Like all tragically hip boys that disdain just how commercial the world had become, Tragically Hip Boy sports only the finest pleather jacket with faux fur collar, just-a-little-too-tight pants, sideways cap and giganto-normous sun glasses — perfect for both indoor and outdoor hipness. I’m sure there’s a store they all shop at called Trajedie that has all the latest in hip boy wear without being too commercial.

Wait… Is he wearing an ascot?

Baby says “Ima want outta here!”

I recognize the look on that baby’s face, too. “Please, somebody, save me from this hell that is my life!”

You get on with your bad self, Tragically Hip Boy.

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