Going Pro, from the Ankles Up

Nothing says “I’m the best man for the job” like showing up for an interview wearing a suit, athletic shoes and ankle socks. Cankle Man really drove that point home and no doubt set the fashion world on its ear with his stunning wardrobe choice.

The clothes make the man


His subtle scent of desperation added that special something that just had to clinch the deal, and the look on his interviewer’s face clearly said “Give this man a blank check!” Or maybe he meant “bus token.” Sometimes it’s hard to tell in the heat of the moment.

Cankles are all the rage in Paris


How do I know Canckle Man totally nailed the interview? Because he wrapped up with “So, are you buying my drink?”

3 thoughts on “Going Pro, from the Ankles Up”

  1. OK, fair enough. I’ll give him credit for well groomed ankles. Now I’m hoping he was interviewing for a gig as an ankle model.

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