Walking Wikipedia

Coffee shops are for more than just coffee. Turns out they’re also a great place to make sure everyone knows just how frakking smart you are, and Loud Man was doing a fantastic job. How fantastic, you ask? He was like a walking wikipedia, but with less fact checking.


Loud Man did his best to make sure we all knew it might snow tonight, and that sometimes it was cold outside, and that there’s lots of traffic outside the coffee shop, and that he can talk. Really. Loud.

The best part of seeing Loud Man in action? Watching people frantically type on their smartphones as they Googled everything he said. Type fast, kids. Loud Man is just loaded with facts.

2 thoughts on “Walking Wikipedia”

  1. I’m sure he talks loud in public places in order to show how important he is. It’s kind of sad, actually. It’s like writing a blog that nobody reads. . . Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

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