Plastic Cash Woman

So I order my drink just as I always do, and I break out my iPhone because I pay with my trusty Starbucks app. It’s like fake money. And there she is. Behind me. The woman that abhors my technology and is more than happy to let me know.

Credit card ladyiPhone = bad, plastic = good

The barista scans the barcode on my iPhone screen, and the woman behind me gives me a “tsk,” and says, “That’s just ridiculous. Haven’t you ever heard of cash?”

I come back with an ever-so-clever “Um… Wow.” Because I’m fast like that.

As I wait for my drink to come up, she orders hers. I’m pretty sure it was something like dinosaur juice with a shot of bitter life. And then she pays with her credit card.

That’s some awesome cash you’re sporting there, Plastic Cash Woman.

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