Turbo Drink Overload: Go!

Need a caffeine boost to get you through the day? A little pick me up to push through the afternoon? Just head on over to the coffee shop, and don’t forget to bring your Red Bull. Wait, what?

Redbull guyThree Red Bulls? Check. Full body shakes? Check.

Red Bull Guy moseyed up to the coffee shop bar and settled in for the special rush that comes from flooding your veins with caffeine. Then he popped the top on his first Red Bull. The first Red Bull.

He taps out a couple messages on his phone, then crunches the now empty can. Out comes Red Bull number two.

Did I mention the coffee shop doesn’t sell Red Bull?

Can number two down, and he’s typing faster.

Red Bull Guy polished off three full cans before going on his way. Good thing he brought so many because it isn’t like the coffee shop sells anything that’ll help keep him awake.

And drinking three Red Bulls in a row? Shouldn’t that make you explode?

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