The Paperless Office Fail

Remember the promise of the paperless office? That never happened, and for some people the paper thing is so important that they’ll bring a printer with them to the coffee shop. So I guess what the future really gave us was the office-less office.

Paperless officeImma coffee shop printin’ fool

Mobile Printer Guy had his laptop, newspaper, a couple books, tablet computer, and printer all set up on the coffee shop table. It wasn’t a portable printer, but at least it wasn’t a full-on office laser printer.

My coffee shop rule for computers says you can bring it if it fits in a day pack or courier bag. I hadn’t thought about a computer bag big enough to carry a laptop and a small desktop printer. Mobile Printer Guy gets off on a technicality, but I’m clearly going to have to look at revising my coffee shop computer rule.

I’m thinking I should also introduce Mobile Printer Guy to the Mobile iMac Guy. Maybe they could find someone with portable office walls and set up some cubicles next to the creamer cart.

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