Attack of the Mansplainers

“No, you see, it’s all about understanding the nuances in language. That’s when the meaning of the words change based on how they’re used,” Mr. Mansplainer tells the woman at his table. And at another table I hear a man say, “The way the sun works, it lets off energy, and that heats us and makes light.” Dear god. I’m surrounded by mansplainers.

MansplainerLet me ‘splain something to you.

The coffee shop is full today with mansplainers happily mansplaining everything they can. Mansplaining, you see, is when someone — typically a guy talking to a woman — explains something in a condescending way. Typically, the recipient of the mansplaining clearly knows more about the topic than the mansplainer. And now I fear I’m walking dangerously close to mansplaining territory myself.

I hear one man explaining that smartphones are for more than phone calls to a woman who’s texting and doing her best to ignore him. Another shares the revelation that coffee is made from beans. Need to know about banks and loans? There’s a mansplainer for that.

All this needs to make for a perfect mansplaining cabal is someone saying it’s really about ethics in gaming journalism.

I really don’t get how women put up with us.

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