My New Fashion Advisor

The old man walks in, unassuming and quiet. He shuffles up to the counter and orders a small coffee, black. The barista hands him his drink, he pays and with an almost imperceptible smile says “thanks.” And then I notice his shoes. His glorious bowling shoes.

Fashion advisorIt’s OK to own your look

These aren’t your run of the mill bowling alley rental shoes worn thin by teenagers on awkward dates and family birthday parties. These are custom bowling shoes with brown swaths running between a whimsical circle pattern. These are his shoes.

The old man finds a table for one and sits, his pants riding up above his ankles to reveal pink striped socks. His socks jump out between the cuff of his tan pants and brown shoes, and it totally works. This man is rocking his look.

He left before I could introduce myself, but without ever knowing it he gave me a very special gift. He reminded me that sometimes the little things we otherwise make fun of without even thinking can be amazingly cool. Like wearing bowling shoes with pink striped socks.

Some day, maybe some day, when I’m much older, I’ll be able own a look like that. Just like the old man in the coffee shop.

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