The word of technology is filled with magic and mystery. It’s a place of wonder and excitement with so many special places to discover, and — Oh! What’s that? Yeah, it seems all you need to keep some people entertained is a laptop, a coffee, and a mediocre Internet connection.

Omg guyOMG! How do they get in to that position?

OMG Guy clearly found a way to entertain himself with more electricity than a pot and spoon require, and boy oh boy, was he taking advantage of it.

I’m not really sure what it takes to make a guy’s eyes bug out like that when looking at their computer. Oh, really, who am I kidding? I know exactly what makes a guy’s eyes bug out like that.

At least OMG Guy has the decency to keep his screen out of easy view, and — unlike Public P0rnster — managed to keep his laptop strategically placed, too. That’s all about being a professional.

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