Mr. Horizontal Mambo

“Well, we had sex, but I didn’t reveal myself to her physical lover,” he says. No, really. That’s what he said. I swear to God, people, it’s like this guy is begging me to write about him.

Mambo manLet’s get physical


Seems Mr. Horizontal Mambo knows what he wants, and doesn’t have any problem talking about it in the coffee shop. Loudly. While I’m close enough to hear what he’s saying.

I’m hoping his sex was a little more passionate than his description of this woman’s boyfriend-husband-squeeze. But based on what I’m hearing, I’m thinking not so much. Poor woman.

Who you bop is your own business, Mambo Man, but somehow I feel just a little closer to you now. In a creepy way. Thanks for sharing.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Horizontal Mambo”

  1. Why is it that – not knowing which of the two pictured men is the ethereal lothario – I have a different opinion about this story? If it’s the guy on the right, I think “What a douchebag,” but, if it’s the guy on the left, I wonder if he has written a how-to book.

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