Butch Tablet Man

Real men don’t mess around with girly tablets like the iPad. Apparently they don’t wear sleeves, either. Butch tablet manYeah, I’m bad, and I know it


Butch Tablet Man comes to the coffee shop in a sleeveless shirt in the winter, just like a real man. He wears fingerless driving gloves, too, because man that Ford Fiesta can haul.

Real men like to make sure you know they’re using anything but an iPad, so Butch Tablet Man uses his most manly flourish to show off his Best Buy $99 knock-off tablet before setting it on the table. Oh, yeah that’s one hard core slab of testosterone right there. Yeah, I said “hard.”

He doesn’t mind that his “Mary” tattoo has bled over the years to say “Murf.” That’s what a man’s tattoo does.

And so he orders a proper man’s drink: Cinnamon Dolcé Latte. Venti, because talls are for girls.

The chicks so dig him.

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