Important Talker’s Sticky Lip Mic

“Important, important, important. Words, words, words. Loud, loud, loud.”  Everyone in the coffee shop could hear what Important Talker was saying and it sure sounded like he wanted all of us to know just how important his conversation was. But I couldn’t focus on what he was saying because I was fixated on the EarPods mic he stuck to his lip.

Important talkerMy words are so important my EarPods mic stuck to my lip

I get it. When you have to say all the important words and make sure everyone around knows this is an important phone call, like really important, you don’t have time to hold that little mic. Or, I don’t know, just let it hang there while you talk.

Apparently lip-sticking your iPhone mic is a thing now. I guess because they’re so heavy and it takes super strong lip muscles to hold them up.

Now I’m kind of wondering what flavor those mics are. Maybe chocolate? Mint? I’ll just have to imagine because I’m not sticking one in my mouth. Or I could just ask Important Talker.

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