Angry Man’s Crusade

“I can’t believe anyone buys drinks here. Starbucks is notorious for how bad they treat employees,”  Angry Man says. “No one should ever come here.” By the way, Angry Man is standing in line waiting to buy a drink.

Angry man crusadeIt’ssa worst place evah!

“This place is so bad. It’s horrible how they treat their employees,” he says.

Then the guy in line ahead of Angry Man turns and says, “Actually, I used to work for Starbucks. They paid me fairly, they gave me benefits, and paid for my college.”

Angry Man comes back with, “Really? I never heard that. I only heard they treat people really bad. I think they’re horrible to employees.”

“Well, I had a really good experience working here,” former barista says. “If you think Starbucks is so bad, why are you waiting in line?”

“Huh?” Angry Man says. “I just like the coffee.”

Angry Man: crusading like a boss.

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  1. I’ve known multiple Starbucks employees. While I don’t love the company’s espresso—and I have some issues with some aspects of its business model—every employee I’ve known has spun a tale of fairness, excellent benefits, and a good experience. That’s probably the one universal thing about Starbucks I know.

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