Show Me the Money

Business meetings happen a lot in coffee shops, and that means there’s plenty of opportunity for important work lessons to enrich your day. You know, like learning the value of the Web designer you’ve hired. That’s just what happened to Web Design Client Guy.

Web client guyYou work for free, right?

Client Guy rattles off a long list of changes he wants for his website while Designer Man dutifully listens and takes notes. Finally, Client Guy pauses to take a breath and DM says, “That’s a lot of changes for your website. Are you paying me?”

Client Guy gives him a shocked look. “Um,” he says. “No.”

DM doesn’t skip a beat. As he closes his laptop lid he says, “OK, I have to go now.”

Client Guy has a confused look on his face as DM heads out the door, and I’m sure he missed the very important lesson he was just taught: You pay your doctor, you pay your mechanic, and you pay your plumber. You pay your designer, too.

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