Tale of the Table Hoarder

Once upon a time, there was this amazingly considerate guy who went out of his way to make sure he didn’t take a whole table for himself when the coffee shop was so busy no one had a place to sit. Just kidding. He totally took a four-seat table all for himself, and didn’t even buy a drink.

Lonely table manIma keep this table all for me

Picture this: It’s a beautiful spring Saturday. The farmer’s market is packed with people and there’s a huge carnival with loads of great rides happening at the same time. Both are right off the always busy walking mall where there’s a Starbucks that’s buzzing with activity.

Today the drink line goes out the door, and every seat is taken. Well, all but three because Lonely Table Man managed to slip in and grab the four-top right as the people occupying it stood up. He sits down, pullout his iPhone charger and starts juicing up while he kicks back. Salt in the wound: not only did he take the table all for himself, but it was next to one of the only easy access outlets.

A few people tried to go for the European seating thing, but he wasn’t having any part of that. After all, that place was crowded. A guy needs his space, you know?

The upside was that… Actually, there wasn’t an upside. Lonely Table Man was just a selfish jerk. If only I’d had a five year old with me to teach him the importance of sharing.

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