Coffee Shop Rip Off Man Strikes Out

“Can you top off my drink with some coffee,” he asks, holding up a large cup with about three inches of room at the top. “Sure,” the barista says. “But you know we charge for coffee, right?” Did I mention the guy hadn’t actually bought a drink at the coffee shop?

Rip off manImma want free stuff!

“What? Seriously,” Rip Off Man asks with a cold indignation that makes it very clear he’s offended at the thought of actually paying for a drink. “What are ya gonna charge me?”

“Twenty five cents,” says the barista.

Rip Off Man puts on his best angry face and says, “Are ya gonna really ring it up, or just keep it?”

“I don’t need to be spoken to like that, and I don’t have to serve you,” the barista says.

“Well, I don’t want none of your coffee anyhow,” Rip Off Man snaps, and storms away.

There really isn’t a punchline to this story, but there is a message, sort of like a Very Special Episode of Blossom: Don’t try to rip off your coffee shop. They need to make money, and they do that by selling coffee. Also, don’t be a dick to your barista.

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