Go Team Pr0nster

It’s a fairly common scene: You take your laptop to the coffee shop to get out of the office and work, you start downloading your email and open a couple Web pages, and suddenly the Internet slows to a crawl. Like glacial molasses passing legislation slow. And then you notice the two guys with their backs to the wall staring intently at their laptop screens. You know where this is going.

Team pr0nsterDigital girlz is teh pretty

Team Pr0nster was clearly deep into their, um, research. You know, because if you’re going to check out naked people online, where better to do it than your favorite coffee shop? And really, who doesn’t want to spend their time in public looks at privates?

I’m thinking I should introduce Team Pr0nster to Public Pr0nster and Pr0nster Gone Wild. They could start a club. Or something.

And, dudes, can you hurry up and finish? I’d really love to get back some of this WiFi bandwidth.

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