Pr0nster Gone Wild

The human body is a beautiful thing to see, and that’s one of the reasons we use the magic of Google to find us some good porn. Of course, we’re all responsible grown ups here with a good sense of discretion, so we always make sure our hunt for photos that would make our moms blush is done with at least a little privacy. Or not.

Pr0nster gone wildJust doin’ a little… research

Turns out the Pr0nster Gone Wild likes him a little skin and doesn’t have a problem satisfying his cravings with a latté in hand. And no, that’s not code.

Seriously, this guy should hook up with the Public Pr0nster. They’d have an awesome time together. Yeah, I’m thinking someone would pay to see that. Rule 34, and all.

Also, don’t shake PGW’s hand. Just saying.


Shout out to one of my brave little minions on the ground for snapping this awesome photo.

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