Silver-tongued Devil

“I have to buy a new car,” he says. “Why?” she asks. Dude. Stop talking. Now. “The electrical system is failing, and it’s cheaper to buy a new car than fix this one,” he says. “You just have a tail light out,” she says. “That’s what happens when the electrical system fails,” he says. “…” … Read more


I’m all about finding new ways to use my tech gear more efficiently, and sometimes that means adding a little something-something to my Web browser tool bar. If Explorer-palloza Girl’s screen is any indication, she took that idea, kicked down the door and drove a tank right on through. Tool bar much? Let me paint … Read more

Public Pr0nster

You know where the best place EVAR to look at porn is? In public. In Starbucks. With lots of other people around. Or at least that’s the best place, according to the Public Pr0nster. You can find anything on the Internet! To be fair, the Pr0nster kept his netbook high and tight, so I’m sure … Read more

Walking Wikipedia

Coffee shops are for more than just coffee. Turns out they’re also a great place to make sure everyone knows just how frakking smart you are, and Loud Man was doing a fantastic job. How fantastic, you ask? He was like a walking wikipedia, but with less fact checking. Loud Man did his best to … Read more

Ass Boy. Double Latte, Please.

You know how there’s a dress code in restaurants? No shirt, no shoes, no service? For guys, it turns out they kind of expect us to wear pants, too, despite the liberating feeling that comes along with leaving the leg gear at home. Behold, Ass Boy Ass Boy, however, apparently didn’t get just how the … Read more