The Melancholy Tale of Emo Boy

What’s worse than pulling a full-on emo attitude? How about pulling a full-on emo attitude in public without anyone to appreciate it.

Emo boyStarbursts soothe the emo heart

Poor emo boy had the clothes, the hair, the cigarette behind the ear, and the tablet-kind-of-device-that’s-too-small-to-use-but-too-big-for-your-pocket. You know the one. It creaks when you hold it, and there’s a kind of stand-leg-thing on the back that breaks when you pop it out to stand up your tablety thing. But, you know, at least it’s not an iPad, right?

You know what he didn’t have? Mastery over the power of gravity. Or eye/hand coordination.

Emo boy accidentally drops his tablety thing, it clatters across the floor, but no one sees his totally awesome “I’m a victim” look. He picks it up, it falls again, and still no one looks.

Emo boy reaches into his appropriately tattered bag and pulls out a package of Starburst candy — the preferred food choice of emo boys everywhere — and his Pall Malls fall to the ground. He sighs, leaves the cigarettes on the floor, and quietly starts eating Starbursts to bury the pain that no one understands.

His tablety-thing clatters to the floor again, and he sighs again.

Oh, gravity.

5 thoughts on “The Melancholy Tale of Emo Boy”

  1. I know that your story is from a long time ago but this is my first time seeing it. Did you take the photo of that boy? Is it a real story? I really love it…

  2. Do you actually know this boy? I mean, does he know about this lovely story of yours? I’m sorry that I am back, I just like reading your story again and again.

  3. I don’t know who Emo Boy really is. He just happened to be in the coffee shop at the same time as me. Just lucky timing!

  4. Damn, I wish I could forget about this whole thing. Till this day I think about ,”Starbursts soothe the emo heart,, . If I only knew who the guy is

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