Livin’ the Memory, Mom

“Yo, yo, Ima gonna sit here soz youz can gets me some food,” he says. “OK, honey,” his mom says. Wait, what? His mom?

Boy manIma let you finish… buyin’ me food, mom!

I’m all about people expressing themselves, and if your wardrobe helps you do that, good for you. But when your wardrobe becomes a warning, like “I’m 40, but still want to be 17 so bad it hurts,” maybe it’s time to rethink where you shop — or maybe at least reflect on some of your life choices.

And when your vocabulary screams “I eat Crayons,” well… Oh, hell, I can’t help you, pal.

I can, however, offer a little advice: It’s time to move out of your mom’s basement. And put your hat on straight.

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