Full Contact Parking

I’ll set the stage for you: SUV Woman needs her coffee. Bad. Like, really bad. SUV Woman parks in the business loading zone in front of the coffee shop and throws her car door open. Passing car hits her door, slamming it against the front fender, and keeps driving. As one does.

Full contact parkingI’ll just park right… ffffuuuuuu…

SUV Woman seems a little surprised at the situation, which I can only assume means she didn’t expect cars to be zooming past her on the town’s main drag. And really, who can blame her?

So now she sits and waits for the tow truck because that door is really stuck and driving with it facing the wrong way probably isn’t the best idea ever.

While she waits, the cops show up because that’s what they do. Turns out parking in a business loading zone isn’t cool, so she gets a ticket.

After all that, she still doesn’t get her coffee. Most expensive coffee shop run ever.

Aaaaand curtain.

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