Mega Smartwatch Man & His Sexy Mega Smartwatch

Living by the Prime Directive means I can’t interfere with the indigenous life forms in their native habitat. That also means I sometimes have to quietly chase the natives to catalog their activities, or to get a pic of the giant-ass smartphone they’re wearing on their wrist… on purpose.

Mega smartwatch man‘scuze me while I whip this out

Mega Smartwatch Man wasn’t easy to photograph. I followed him out of the coffee shop, down the street and into a fast food joint before I was finally able to get a good shot — which probably says more about me instead of him. I really should seek professional help.

But I digress.

Yes, Mega Smartwatch Man is wearing what has to be the single largest smartwatch in the history of smartwatches. To be fair, he made it himself by slapping a Samsung Galaxy 38 Double Plus Ergo-Swipe Personal Experience PhoneTablet into an arm sport band and popping it on his wrist. But damn, kids, it’s a mega smartwatch!

I so wish a call had come in while I was watching him.

So yeah, Mega Smartwatch Man is stylin’ for the ladies and cruisin’ the fast food joints. Like a boss.

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