The Black Karma Team

And lo, a darkness rolled over the land snuffing out all in its path, raining despair and grief in its hateful swath of destruction. No, wait. It just these two guys sitting in the coffee shop who Won’t. Stop. Bitching. It’s bitch-a-palooza day! I don’t know who pissed them off, but they did a great … Read more

Butch Tablet Man

Real men don’t mess around with girly tablets like the iPad. Apparently they don’t wear sleeves, either. Yeah, I’m bad, and I know it   Butch Tablet Man comes to the coffee shop in a sleeveless shirt in the winter, just like a real man. He wears fingerless driving gloves, too, because man that Ford … Read more

Squeeze Me, Baby

You know what baristas totally love? Hearing about your polyps, lumps and cysts. Especially the cysts. And the Cyst Man? Yeah, he can really project. Guess where it hurts. No, really. “It was big,” he said. “And they wanted me to pay $175 to drain it. Can you believe that? 175 dollars!” “Uh huh,” the … Read more