Blatant Man: Photo Snappin’ Fool

I never work hard to hide the fact that I’m snapping photos of people in coffee shops and most people are so unaware of their surroundings that they never even notice. Blatant Man, however, has a few things he can teach me about sneaking photos of women. No, wait. That’s creepy. He has a few things he can teach me about being creepy.

Blatant manIma not takin’ your picture, right?

Here’s the scenario: A woman sits down across the coffee shop from Blatant Man. Out comes his camera phone and he does the sly I’m-not-really-taking-a-photo move.

Far be it from me to let a moment like this pass by, so out comes my camera and I snap a photo of him. Blatantly, of course. He sees me and puts away his phone. Shortly after, he leaves and life in the coffee shop returns to normal.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Blatant Man is just really into furniture design and was taking a photo of a table. Or maybe he’s just creepy.

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